EPA chief Scott Pruitt has spent millions on security, travel

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But in March, a report in the Washington Free Beacon asserted that EPA appointees of President Barack Obama had expenses that matched or surpassed Pruitt's.

And speaking of Pruitt's security, the EPA director has also installed a soundproof phone booth in his office that cost close to $43,000, had biometric locks put in his office that cost over $5,000 and had his office swept for concealed listening devices for $3,000.

Pruitt's 20-member, 24-hour security detail blew through overtime budgets and at times also diverted officers away from investigating environmental crimes, the Associated Press reported.

Pruitt's security detail accrued enough overtime to reach their annual maximum salary of around $160,000.

The costly sum accounts for multiple trips, flights, hotels, overtime and other costs as Pruitt travels in the US and overseas. The size is three times the size of the previous EPA administrator, who had a part-time security agent. Some EPA agents were reportedly taken out of the field in order to provide security. Former EPA administrator McCarthy had roughly a half-dozen people on her security staff, and was not provided protection during off-hours.

Then during a trip to Italy in June, Pruitt was accompanied by nine aides and a security detail that cost more than $120,000.

A request for a $100,000-per-month private jet membership, a bulletproof vehicle, and $70,000 for furniture that included a bulletproof desk for an armed security guard was made.

Dozens of Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives on Friday urged President Donald Trump in a letter to ask embattled Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt to resign.