NP police arrest suspect in armed robberies

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A Yorkville man already charged with hitting a pregnant woman with a stolen auto has been jailed on $75,000 bond stemming from a charge of armed robbery, according to a news release from the DeKalb Police Department.

Police say the machete-wielding men who have been waylaying unsuspecting victims in areas of Gangu, Kibiri, Busabala and Katwe have been arrested.

The victim told police he gave the woman a cigarette and immediately after, a man came from behind a bush, pointed a gun and asked the victim for all of his money, the report said.

The Police at Katwe Division Police Station are having in custody three men believed to belong to the notorious machete-wielding (bijambiya) gang terrorising residents in different parts of Kampala.

Williams, 3611 Pittari Place, New Orleans, was booked into Parish Prison on a count of armed robbery.

"When she got up, the suspect pushed her up against her auto", said Frankel, then "reached inside the victim's vehicle and took her wallet and auto key". After further questioning by Persons Crimes detectives, three arrest warrants were issued and served Friday afternoon for the Family Dollar, EZ Mart and 7-11 robberies.

Phelps was extradited from Missouri on Tuesday and taken to the Graves County Jail.

Police have said they intend to release information on the incident.

The Police say the community played a vital in apprehending the suspects by helping Police identify them.

The Acting Cluster Commander of Port Alfred Colonel Lizette Zeelie said today, " This act by ruthless criminals is strongly condemned and is being investigated by a team of seasoned detectives.

The vehicle hit a light pole and woman who was pregnant.