How to Complete Far Cry 5's Well Done Challenge

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The publisher revealed that not only did Far Cry 5 double the first week sell-through of Far Cry 4, but it actually became the second biggest launch ever for a Ubisoft game, following only Tom Clancy's The Division. Events will give players specific challenges, and reward them with Silver Bars and loot. It's unclear why Ubisoft chose to go with these particular skins for this first live event, but they will certainly help players standout in co-op.

The Far Cry 5 Live Events look like they'll begin or even each Tuesday.

Personal Goal: Kill 20 animals using fire across Hope County.

The Live Events screen tracks both your personal progression and the community's progression. Provided you don't have any moral qualms with that, there's one other wrinkle that stands in your way: You can't use the two most obvious means for doing this, the flamethrower and molotovs. As well as getting people to open their wallets, Far Cry 5 has also seen a huge turnout on streaming services. Players must eliminate 10 animals using fire, but they can not use Molotovs or the flamethrower weapon.

Shotgun Loaded with Incendiary Shells: You can buy incendiary shells in any shop if you've unlocked the Black Market perk. While it didn't leave the same impression as Far Cry 3 I highlighted that Far Cry 5's atmosphere, characters, and gameplay were among the strongest in the franchise.

Cluster Bombs - some planes in the game drop cluster bombs. To do this, load up your game and then go to the menu. From here, you can select Live Events, which takes you to a screen that informs you of the current event.