Sinclair Responds To "Unfounded Media Criticism" Over Local Journalists' Scripted Mantra

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But Kirstin Pellizzaro, who worked at a station owned by Sinclair in Kalamazoo, Michigan, said this may have been the first time the company had asked anchors themselves to read a script handed to them.

The video has again stirred concerns about the reach of Sinclair, which owns or operates almost 200 television stations across the country, and about its pro-Trump bias disguised in what many unassuming viewers may believe to be run-of-the-mill local news.

But Mary Nam, an anchor at the Seattle-based KOMO 4 local news station, blasted the president for finding anything amusing about media consolidation.

President Trump loved the Sinclair script, which echoes Trump's frequent complaints about the media spreading "fake news" stories.

In case you missed it, on its way to becoming the nation's largest broadcaster, Sinclair purchased KECI and a handful of other stations from Bonten Media Group one year ago this month for $240 million.

Sinclair's questionable platform-wide promo campaign was first flagged by talk show host Jon Oliver on Sunday. Opponents of the deal continue to worry that it would decrease both competition in local media and diversity in the perspectives that are broadcast.

Although a study of local television ratings and transcripts by Gregory J. Martin and Josh McCrain of Emory University determined that viewership of Sinclair owned stations does seem to be lower in Democratic leaning areas, it's not as easy to distinguish liberal versus conservative sources for local news like it is on cable or radio talk shows. But while Oliver saw the video as a warning to Sinclair's "reach and power", Trump is all about the "superior" Sinclair.

The company runs editorials from former Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn, who is famous for writing Trump's infamous 2017 Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that failed to mention Jewish people.

Sinclair's mid-Monday morning stock price was down 0.6% to $31.12.

"These reporters aren't producing original journalism; they are aggregating often-flawed-reporting-content published by other media outlets, without fact checking it - or calling us to confirm any of it", Livingston added. The media is supposed to question, not defend political hacks who use "fake news" as a battle cry every time they're questioned in the pubic realm.

Norma Holland from "13WHAM News" tells the public she did not want to read the script, but was anxious about losing her job.

"The critics are now upset about our well-researched journalistic initiative focused on fair and objective reporting".

For the company stood up to Donald trump, noting on Twitter that he was amused by the fact that the network of "fake news" to criticize Sinclair for bias. "Sinclair is far superior to CNN and even more Fake NBC, which is a total joke". MSNBC's "Morning Joe" did a lengthy segment on Burke's Deadspin video Monday, showing the words being repeated by several anchors. "I felt like a POW recording a message", another said. But Sinclair started getting heat for the videos before they hit the airwaves.