United Kingdom investigators search Cambridge Analytica's office

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British broadcaster Channel 4 on Monday aired a documentary in which undercover reporters and journalists recorded Nix and other Cambridge Analytica employees describe and explain in detail how they were able to harvest more than 50 million Facebook profiles and access private information to influence political opinion and elections.

OFFICERS for the Information Commission have begun to search of Cambridge Analytica's central London offices after a High Court judge granted a warrant.

USA and European lawmakers have demanded an explanation of how the British consulting firm gained access to the data in 2014 and why Facebook failed to inform its users, raising broader industry questions about consumer privacy.

The class action includes any U.S. Facebook users whose data was impacted by Cambridge Analytica's data breach and seeks compensatory damages, restitution and fees, and an injunction against Cambridge Analytica and the professor at Cambridge University named in the suit. "This is just one part of a larger investigation into the use of personal data and analytics for political purposes".

CA's suspended chief executive Alexander Nix told MPs last month: "We did not work for Leave.EU".

"I'm being basically used as a scapegoat by both Facebook and Cambridge Analytica", he said in interviews Wednesday. "We have not undertaken any paid or unpaid work for them, okay?" he told a committee investigating fake news in United Kingdom politics.

Cambridge Analytica's parent company, Strategic Communications Laboratories, partnered with a firm, Ovleno Business Intelligence (OBI), in India which had mentioned BJP, Congress and JD (U) as its clients on its website before it was taken down earlier this week. Recently Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder admitted to the "breach of trust" it caused to its users, and he apologized for the same. The raid forms part of an investigation into its Facebook data harvesting.

In a statement Friday, the company reiterated its previous claims that it did not use any of the data during its work for Trump.

He also claims that in October 2015 CA deleted the data from its file server after Facebook asked it to.

The warrant to inspect the premises of Cambridge Analytica was executed at 20.00 on 23 March 2018.

"[CA] believed that the data had been obtained in line with Facebook's terms of service and data protection laws", writes Taylor.